CTC Building Services

At CTC Building Services, we pride ourselves on delivering a tailored service that is designed to meet the specific needs of every client.



We understand that every insurance claim is unique but we also appreciate that handling insurance claims requires a sympathetic and understanding approach. At CTC Building Services, we work with you to ensure we get everything right.


Block Management

Through our insight, expertise and skills, we have the scope to work with our clients to bring their derelict and run-down properties back to life. We can undertake all work that relates to both the interior and exterior of any property, helping to improve their appearance and make them habitable and usable again.



We have experience working across a range of education settings, completing projects to an exceptional standard. From ongoing contracts to stand-alone jobs, our reliability and standards leave each client feeling confident in the service that we provide.



From residential to commercial and all other projects, our team works closely with each client to implement a work plan. Our workmanship and attention to detail allow us to work with precision, enabling us to complete any refurbishment project with outstanding results.


DDA Compliance

At CTC Building Services, we are committed to ensuring DDA compliance is met where required by providing our wealth of expertise and range of services. We are specialists in planning, designing and delivering projects that include all aspects of work in relation to DDA compliance.


Health & Safety

It’s crucial that we take health and safety extremely seriously when undertaking any building project. We have to ensure that all work we carry out is safe for our team of experts, as well as the public. It is our duty to carry out thorough assessments and identify any potential risks before implementing the correct safety solutions.



Learn about who we are and what are the services we offer as well as our core values and what drives us to be the best.