Newcourt Building was a project received by CTC from New City College on extremely late notice. We had a 2-week period to mobilise a team. A team that had to be managed on a very tight programme and with some unusual measures in place.

Due to Covid 19 stringent Risk Assessments had to be created for limited operatives and stringent area segregation. Our supply chains had limited availability to materials and irregular delivery slots that ran into 7-day lead times for items considered standard items.

During this project we created a new disabled facility for venerable students. Existing specialist hoist systems had to be couriered from one site to another, serviced then reinstalled in the Newcourt Building. We coordinated all movements from one campus to another by having regular meetings with the estate teams.

Internally CTC carried out all structural alterations, supplied and managed all the relevant trades necessary that included: Plumbing, Electrics, ceiling fixing, raised access flooring, vinyl flooring, carpet flooring, whitewall panelling, decorations, and all associated carpentry work.

Externally we utilised an unused part of the college to provide drainage, sunken trampoline, exercise equipment, fenced off area and disabled ramp. We contracted a structural engineer to approve the ramp design that was created by CTC, the layout of the ramp proved very tricky due to the amount of underground services plus keeping within the gradient and width to meet approved document M whilst proving to be aesthetically pleasing. The finished product was something that we were immensely proud to be part of.

Due to CTC having to alter the structure of the building, the fire alarm, emergency escape routes, drainage and create disabled ramp systems we had to work closely with building control. Photographic diaries were taken regularly and working processes reported throughout.

Although we were tested throughout the project and there were many unplanned variations and changes, we were happy to hand the project over on time, on budget and snag free.


New City College


Full interior refurbishment, DDA compliant adaptations including wet rooms, kitchens, classrooms. Adaptation to external areas to include: Disabled access ramp, anti-slip decking area, recessed floor trampoline and exercise equipment.

Project Value



8 Weeks